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To share my rage with you....

Hi! I'm new to this forum...and just thought I'd share a bit of an experience I had. Hope you enjoy!


05:15 pm: InHuman Resources....
Ok..just a warning to people..that this post could be rude and insenstitive but franky I don't care!! Second , I will rarely post twice in the same day unless I have a lot to say.

So..InHuman Resources....what is that you might ask? Simple..those cults known as hiring officials for companies, hospitals and such. How can you sleep at night knowing that you possibly let go of one of the BEST applicants you've had in a long time....all because they don't pee standing up. Or whatever lame excuse it might be...and since when does EXPERIENCE take a lower seat to a degree???? Specially SEVEN years of experience?! Also, does having worked at the same job..only in a different place automatically throw you in the group of the waste receptical ( spelling is not a virtue of mine ) ? Just a few simple questions...the reason for said questions...frankly none of your buisness..however...I have a person I know...being "tossed around like a limp french fry" because of those items above. If the person is qualified...shoot..more THAN qualified...WHY THE heck do you not even consider them??? I just don't get it!!! Unless I don't live in the world..where if an apple doesn't shine you throw it away...even if you are hungry!!!

BS to you all!!! And pleasent dreams...I just know if I was in your position.....I'd quit! People have feelings....emotions..SOULS...and coming to you is the last thing they want to do. But they have NO CHOICE...for no matter how far up the line they go...for some idiotic reason..the train is being led by the caboose....Have some common decency! Crushing people's not my idea of employment.

*thank you for listening to me vent*

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